The Art of the Lie Phase II: Project Details

The Art of the Lie: Phase II
We have rebooted this element of the project.


“The opera ain’t over till…” Although the Pack of Lies made its public debut during the Raucous Auction, its completion does not signify the conclusion of our this year’s Annual Members’ Project.

In addition to the deck of playing cards, The Art of the Lie incorporates a second component consisting of works of “book art” to be created by individuals or small groups.

Completion of these elements is scheduled to coincide with the Virginia Festival of the Book (March 21-25) at our new home in the Jefferson School City Center.

This revised release schedule provides an opportunity for additional members to participate in the project (contact Garrett for particulars [email protected]).

The Art of the Lie: Project Specifications (updated 12/07)

  • Finished size 5”x7” (we have sample folds and forms)
    • Must fold/lay flat (a book is OK if it is flat)
  • Matching cover, and text stock
    • Grey cover and text stock (provided for projects)
    • White and transparent of stock considered
  • INK: PMS 431 Grey (some use on each page)
    • Grey ink can ONLY be mixed with opaque or transparent white
    • Individual projects may supplement with additional color inks.
      •  Must include element of gray ink
      • 100% black or 100% white OK
  • Colophon Details
    • Included as part of the individual work
      • Should reference the artist
      • Created at VABC in 2018
      • Edition number/size
  • Edition Size
    • Of the total number produced
      • Ten for the VABC
      • Additional copies created/distributed at the discretion of individual artists
    • Packaging for card deck and artist’s elements
      • “Manufactured” Library Archival Box
      •  Black or Dark Grey
      • Printed Label (Glued on)
  • Production Deadlines
    • Prototype (February 14, 2018)
    • Two “books” for exhibit (March 5, 2018)
    • Remainder of edition (April 2, 2018)

The Art of the Lie: Participants

Kristin Adolfson Many Sides
Bonnie Bernstein Cave of Shadows
Richard Cappuccio & Nan Janney Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Lucas Czarnecki Emotional Programming
Dean Dass Meaning Accrues Through Deletion
Lyall Harris TBD
Nancy Kober Liar’s Log
Kevin McFadden Numbers Don’t Lie
Garrett Queen Lies and/or BS
Michael Swanberg Joice Heth/PT Barnum