VABC Raucous Auction: Virginia History

Online now and in-person at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center’s Raucous Auction on Friday, November 18, you have the opportunity to bid on a Virginia history set that includes a copy of Cradle of America by Peter Wallenstein and a broadside print of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.

a-item-o197-i9202-1474638570-516-1240In Cradle of America: Four Centuries of Virginia History, Wallenstein traces themes such as political power, racial identity, and education through four centuries of Virginia history. The text does not only focus on prominent figures such as Pocahontas and George Washington, but also depicts other native Virginians such as Edgar Allan Poe and Patsy Cline. The broadside print of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom is a great supplement to the book, printed by the University of Virginia Press in 1964 and taken from William Waller Henning’s The Statutes at Large from 1823.

If you’re interested in Virginia history or looking for a gift for someone who is, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to bid on this item during VABC’s Raucous Auction! Visit the online auction site to put in an early bid…