VABC Raucous Auction: Amy Ransom Arnold

At this year’s VABC Raucous Auction, you’ll have to chance to bid on a variety of hand-printed and hand-crafted book arts. One such book is Amy Ransom Arnold’s work, “And capture the moon,” from the VABC group project, Handmade Harvest. This book is a story about marking ground, digging a protected hole, allowing rain to fill the hole, reflecting sky on the surface of the water, and capturing the reflection of the moon. Arnold explores the relationship between words, imagery, and expressions of time and movement in her books. 


You will also have the chance to bid on Arnold’s “Kalendarium Hortense,” which features twelve giclée printed drawings that are casebound with archival materials. On each page, there is text that clarifies the meaning of the drawing. Designed, printed, and bound by Arnold herself, the book is based on her series of drawings that depict the everyday processes of land and personal stewardship. “Garden, gardener, and gardening are compressed in a conversation of change, disruption, and renewal,” she says.

Amy Ransom Arnold is a licensed Architect and holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia, as well as a Master of Fine Arts in studio sculpture from the University of Washington, Seattle, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her background shows through her art that includes landscape architecture and drawing in addition to book arts.

To learn more about Amy Ransom Arnold and her work, visit her website. Don’t forget to visit VABC’s online auction site and to attend the Raucous Auction on November 18 for a chance to bid on her books and many others!